Who we are

Welcome to capital futures, we are a search firm exclusively focussed on providing executive talent within private equity backed software and technology companies undergoing major transformation and growth.

In a business sector that has built its reputation upon bringing superior skills to accelerate value creation, it is critical to identify a leadership team with a strong execution mindset and fundamental understanding of the pace and timing of private equity. With a typical investment period of 3 to 5 years, we understand that life at a private equity portfolio can be highly demanding and is often uncompromising in its requirement for detail.

We work closely with our clients to develop deep and meaningful knowledge of their organisational structure, business strategy, challenges, culture and values. We are passionate about client excellence, always striving to provide the best advice and solutions to our clients
and representing them with the highest level of professionalism in the marketplace. We align ourselves with our clients’ philosophy and work relentlessly to ensure that our clients make the best appointment whilst also minimising their time and cost spent hiring.

We deliver the best talent through our strong research led approach and also utilise our extensive global professional network. The person mandated manages every aspect of the search and is personally accountable to our client in delivering the successful and high quality outcome.

We put our customers at the heart of everything that we do.

Our Approach

We put our customers at the heart of everything that we do, it is our style to be consultative. We listen and take the time to really understand what our clients want. As a firm, we adopt the following principals

Focused On Results

We work fast and pride ourselves on being results focussed with a high quality experience and outcome for all of our clients. As such our fee structure is weighted towards success, typically with one third invoiced in advance as a retainer and the final two thirds only upon the successful completion of the search. We charge a fixed fee for our assignments, which allows us to be thorough, and completely objective, we are able to assess internal and external candidates on an equal basis and facilitate hiring negotiations with no conflict of interest.

Global Network, Global Process

In our experience many executives will consider relocating for the right position, running a global process dramatically increases the probability of finding the right candidate with little or no compromise on key criteria. Powerful new technologies and social media is a driving force in the changing competitive landscape of the Executive Search Industry, today we have significantly greater access to a global network than ever before, when you add to this our specialist focus and global mind-set we offer a genuine alternative to the big five global executive search firms.

Research Led

In our quest to leave no stone unturned to find the best talent for our clients, our process is research-led. We also utilise our extensive global professional network, rather than rely solely on it to yield the result, ensuring strength and depth in our candidate shortlists.


We operate a strong culture of transparency which is evidenced in the way we perform our searches as well as how we deal with our clients and candidates. We communicate regularly and responsively. With every search, we establish critical milestones that enable us to gauge search status and make necessary revisions. We work with all client stakeholders extensively at the start and throughout the process to ensure that they are clearly aligned on the role, responsibilities, reason for hire, business strategy, employee value proposition (EVP) and process. This provides a synchronised and consistent message to all candidates and ultimately a great candidate experience.


These are by no means entirely mechanical processes, our experience has taught us to trust in our judgement as well as our reason, we have a genuine emotional connection with our clients and are instinctive about the type of person who would and would not work well in their environment and sector, and of course we support this with informal and formal referencing.

Minimised Restrictions

It is our policy to represent a small number of client businesses in each sector in order to avoid “off-limits” search restrictions and avoid conflict of interest.


We maintain a policy of absolute discretion and respect the confidential nature of sensitive information provided by all parties.

Providing a world class service to our clients.

Core Values

Everything we do is guided by a set of core values. These characterise our business, from the core of our working culture and are integral to us providing a world class service to our clients.


We act with Integrity

we believe that as a company we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones and fairness is paramount to determining what is best for any situation. We are true to our word and treat others as we would hope to be treated – with honesty, fairness, and integrity.


We are all accountable

at the core of accountability is personal responsibility and reliability; therefore we value the ability to honour our commitments.


We are passionate about what we do

We take pride in our business, enjoy delighting our clients and promote a positive, energizing and fun environment to work. We value our reputation highly and will always fiercely protect it.


We have the humility and hunger to learn

we value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere, we learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure and always seek and provide honest feedback, we never underestimate our competition.


We strive for simplicity

we always seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities, we deal with people and issues directly & openly and favor results over form.