Executive Search​​

Executive Search is our Core Business. We take ownership of the entire process from the definition of the job and person specification through to sourcing, screening, referencing and onboarding. Our process includes 5 main phases:

We listen and take the time to really understand what our clients want.
  • Introductory meeting and client brief

  • Prepare detailed search brief and job description

  • Prepare target list of companies

  • Design interview process and project timeline

  • Client sign off
  • Market mapping (desk & telephone based research)

  • Assess candidate profiles

  • Produce candidate long list
  • Candidate introductions

  • Qualify candidates against key criteria

  • Informal references

  • Prepare short list and search report
  • Discuss candidate short list with client

  • Arrange client interviews and assessments according to the agreed process

  • Client selects first and second choice candidate

  • Candidate references
  • Facilitate the offer negotiation and gain verbal acceptance from the candidate

  • Work closely with client teams and the candidate to ensure that the necessary offer letter and contract has been issued and received
  • Manage resignation process including any potential counter offer

  • Take formal candidate references from current employer

  • Ensure the candidate receives the appropriate joining instructions prior to their start date

  • Conduct a 30, 60 and 90 day review with both the candidate and client


Powerful advancements in technology and the global adoption of both social and business media, means that most of us have an online presence, thus vastly expanding our reach and providing lower costs and more robust data.

We partner with Talent Dash who have a state of the art data mining facility in Vietnam with teams of highly trained internet and desk based researchers that allow us to scale up quickly in relation to a specific piece of work.

The Vietnamese team utilize available resources on the internet such as LinkedIn and other business networking sites, company websites, white papers, press releases and conference delegate lists.

Our long-standing relationship and experience of working with the Talent Dash team means that we understand each other’s nuances and have dramatically increased productivity over the past 3 years resulting in an average of 80% qualitative output.

One of our team members in London own’s the mandate from our client, which would typically be a market mapping exercise as a pre-curser to a formal search.

This might be to provide a view of the structure of a specific function within a group of competitors so that our client can be strategic about their approach, it also often helps our clients to shape their thinking or supports entry into a new market.

We process and package the Talent Dash data into organograms, ensuring that we verify the structure through telephone calls and complete gaps in the data. We offer this service as part of our executive search process or as a stand-alone solution.

We are passionate about client excellence, always striving to provide the best advice and solutions.
Hiring a strong executive management team is one of the most proven ways to ensure success. The right or wrong executive hire can have an enormous and lasting impact on the trajectory of a company.

As part of our executive search process or as a stand-alone service, we provide clients with a detailed and comprehensive referencing of their potential candidates, designed to reveal insights into a candidate’s management style, capability and personality that cannot always be uncovered during an interview.

We speak formally with references including at least one line manager, one peer, one subordinate and one client. In addition, we speak informally with unnamed referees or business contacts that we have identified through our research.

The use of referencing is not restricted to external recruitment. It is also a highly effective means of assessing internal talent for ongoing training, development and promotion, or assessing the management team at an acquisition target on behalf of a private equity house pre-deal.

We take ownership of the entire process
Pre-employment Testing​
We partner with Criteria Corporation, a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing services. Their testing system, HireSelect, is a SaaS solution that enables organisations to better manage their human capital by providing state-of-the-art assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the employee selection and retention process.

We offer the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) and the Employee Personality Profile.

(EPP) as part of our executive search process or as a standalone offering to evaluate internal talent. The test results provide additional insight into a potential candidate’s personality, aptitude, ability to digest and apply information, as well as their ability to learn new skills and think critically.

The tests should not be considered a sole basis for hiring decisions, we combine the testing with in-depth competency based interviewing and a detailed referencing process, the output from all three provides a multi-faceted assessment of the individual.

I find the energy, commitment and dedication shown by the Capital Futures team to be unrivalled in the market. They can comprehensively articulate our new vision and strategy in a compelling way which enables us to acquire sales and board talent globally.
Mark Banfield – Chief Executive Officer – 1e – Carlyle Group