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Who we are

In a business sector that has built its reputation upon bringing superior skills to accelerate value creation, it is critical to identify a leadership team with a strong execution mindset and fundamental understanding of the pace and timing of private equity.

With a typical investment period of 3 to 5 years, we understand that life at a private equity portfolio can be highly demanding and is often uncompromising in its requirement for detail. We work closely with our clients to develop deep and meaningful knowledge of their organisational structure, business strategy, challenges, culture and values. We are passionate about client excellence, always striving to provide the best advice and solutions to our clients and representing them with the highest level of professionalism in the marketplace. We align ourselves with our clients’ philosophy and work relentlessly to ensure that our clients make the best appointment whilst also minimising their time and cost spent hiring.

Our Services

Executive Search

Executive Search is our Core Business, We take ownership of the entire process from the definition of the job and person specification through to sourcing, screening, referencing and onboarding. Our process includes 5 main phases, outlined here:


Our Interim Transformation Teams offering allows our clients to maximise the performance of their investments. Our Private Equity clients are experts at understanding how to drive innovation and growth in SaaS companies through implementation of best practice across all areas of the organisation, including sales, product, engineering, finance, HR, operations, customer success, support and services.

Campaign Search

Our Campaign Search offering is designed to complement internal hiring teams, we effectively outsource the search process of mid to senior level SaaS sales hires on a project basis, underpinned by a statement of work. We deliver high quality outcomes within short time frames, often globally, simultaneously across multiple time zones.

Core Values


We believe that as a company we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones and fairness is paramount to determining what is best for any situation.


At the core of accountability is personal responsibility and reliability; therefore we value the ability to honour our commitments.


We take pride in our business, enjoy delighting our clients and promote a positive, energizing and fun environment to work. We value our reputation highly and will always fiercely protect it.


We value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere, we learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure and always seek and provide honest feedback, we never underestimate our competition.


We always seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities, we deal with people and issues directly & openly and favor results over form.


As a business, we cultivate an environment where we enable people, clients and ourselves to reach full potential.